We turn hair removal into a positive experience, allowing clients to enjoy benefits without the fear

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Using TrilogyIce, the latest permanent hair removal technology that offers virtually PAIN FREE hair removal treatments

Female Waxing & Intimate Waxing

Using the best waxing products and latest techniques to achieve the best possible comfort during your treatments

Male Waxing & Intimate Waxing

Trained by Axiom, male waxing experts, using leading industry products to achieve best and most comfortable results

Get Ready To Be Hair Free

When you leave Buff & Bare, we want you to be 100% delighted. It is so important that you leave holding us in the highest regard and happy to be one of our fantastic clients.

It’s our job to make that happen, to make you feel comfortable and at ease. To make sure you have the best possible experience with staff who are experts and specialists.

What’s a great day for us? When you give us a great review!

What Are Our Standards?

OUR TREATMENTS are a treat

Our Buff & Bare treatment rooms are an oasis and designed to help you relax and be comfortable. We’re going to look after you and make you feel at ease, that’s a promise.

CONTINuOUS TRAINING and development

We are continuously ensuring that we keep up to date with the latest products, equipment and techniques. Our clients benefit from us being trained by the best in the business.


When you come to Buff & Bare you know that you will be getting the same, fantastic, high level of service and best results every time.

High standard of hygiene

You would be horrified to know how many salons out there have very poor hygiene standards. Not at Buff & Bare!  We offer safe, clean and relaxing environment. ”No double dipping” policy is in place, which means you are getting the most hygienic treatment.

Got Some Questions? We Have Answers

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get. To see the full FAQs page, click the button below.

How long should I leave my hair to grow for my first wax?
If you shave, allow a minimum of 3 weeks growth before you come for a wax. For the very best results, we recommend 4 weeks growth to ensure all hair is long enough for the wax to remove, giving you a longer hair-free time after your wax.

We understand how difficult it is to leave previously shaved hair to grow out, but we promise you, it’s for the best when it comes to your waxing results!

How can I prevent being embarrassed?
Just come in and meet us!

It’s natural to feel slightly embarrassed. We are only looking at the hair that is to be removed, then removing it. Just like Doctors/Nurses, it’s just part of the job.

Why is BDB better than a normal eyebrow shape?
BDB is a complete eyebrow redesign which uses tinting, precision waxing, tweezing, cutting and make-up design to ensure your eyebrows are perfect every time.
What areas of the body can be treated with Laser (super) hair removal?
Our Super Hair Removal machine can safely treat any body part except for the small area inside the bony ridge of the eye socket.

Buff & Bare Treatment Highlights

Laser Hair Removal – Full Legs

Super Hair Removal uses the very latest technology available. It’s not IPL and it’s not laser. Powerful, virtually pain-free and super-fast permanent hair removal. Prices start from £124 (one session).


Ladies Brazilian Wax

We use Lycon! It’s simply the best wax on the market. It is extremely popular with celebrities including Victoria Beckham and has been formulated using the finest natural resins, bee wax & sensuous aromatherapy oils to deliver superior performance.


Still Have Questions?

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