Waxing Hair Removal for Men – St Albans – Hertfordshire.

Waxing has become one of the greatest additions in “manscaping” and many men have happily hopped on board!

A smooth finish will make you feel confident, accentuate your muscles, and make you feel 10 years younger! Buff and Bare is a unisex salon so you’ll feel right at home.

Buff & Bare waxing specialists are seriously the best when it comes to the art that is Mens waxing. Whether it’s a full back wax or a male Brazilian wax, you can rest assured your wax will be delivered with excellence every time.

Our treatments:

Intimate Waxing – Speedo line, Buttocks, Groin, Brazilian (butt & Groin)

Arms – Underarms, Full arm & hands, Upper arms, Forearms & hands, Hands & fingers

Legs – Full legs & feet, Upper legs, Lower legs & feet, Feet & toes

Face – Eyebrows, Nostrils, Ears, Cheekbones

Torso – Chest, Abs, Chest & abs, Nape of neck, Lower back, Shoulders, Upper back & shoulders, Full back & shoulders

We have some fantastic Waxing Packs available where treatments are combined and save you money! See details in our online booking system 🙂

The small print: Men’s Manzilian: Buff & Bare has a STRICT “no funny business” policy. We believe that every man has the right to be waxed, but we also believe that our hair removal therapists deserve to perform their job in a safe, respectable environment. We have professional ladies here so please be respectful!

Price List

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