Ultravisage Microcurrent Treatment

At Buff and Bare we use UltraVisage, a professional salon treatment using Microcurrent for face contour lifting. In combination with a deep cleanse and penetration of active ingredients in the form of gel and ampoule, the treatment offers the ultimate facial care. The treatment is both preventative and corrective, so suitable for all ages. It is referred as a ‘’Non – Surgical Face Lift’’.
Microcurrent simply means a small amount of current. It offers face contour lifting by reprograming the muscle fibres. Impulses pass into the skin and underlying muscles to speed up cellular activity, regeneration and metabolism. We must remember that the skin on the face and neck is attached directly to the underlying muscles. When these underlying muscles sag, the skin will do the same. Microcurrent can shorten or flex the muscle fibres, therefore lifting the sagging muscles of the jaw, neck and face, reducing and smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles. Circulation is increased, therefore skin texture and colour are improved. Even the condition of the scar tissue can be improved. This process is very similar to that of our natural bio-electrical impulses and is based on a tried and tested procedure wildly used in the medical world to treat muscle injuries.
Microcurrent has the ability to speed up the whole metabolism of the tissue and cellular activity. It mimics the body’s own natural bio-electrical impulses. Our brain is continuously sending out impulses through the spinal column to muscles and soft tissue.
  • Lifts and tones facial muscles
  • Softens lines and wrinkles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps restore elasticity in aging skin
  • Helps delay the aging process
  • Safe, painless and extremely effective
To achieve best results, a course of 10-12 treatments is required
Depending on the skin condition, the treatments are spaced to one to two treatments a week
Once you have completed the course, in order to maintain the results, we invite you to come back once a month.
Microcurrent has been in use for over 35 years in medicine. Good results have been achieved in the treatment of bells palsy, facial paralysis, would healing and pain control. The ‘Mens’ and ‘Tens’ systems for pain management utilise microcurrent
Absolutely not! Ultravisage uses a low output and you will experience little reaction in the facial muscles. Some clients may experience some pulsing in the muscle but this vary client to client
It is suitable for most people of all ages, male or female. It is used as a preventative as well as corrective treatment
It is suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin
You will start seeing results after your first treatment as the lifting appearance of the skin and it’s texture are improved