Waxing is a temporary hair removal, referred as depilation. Some clients find that after regular waxing the hair become sparse, but it can return to normal if the treatments are stopped

Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm.

The elite Lycon brand offers a choice of Hot Wax, Strip Wax and Lycon’s unique Lycojet waxes, complemented by pre and post waxing lotions, retail homecare products and accessories, allowing the right combination to be tailored for total customer satisfaction.

Lycon is the professional’s choice in quality wax and an essential ingredient in leading salons around the world.

At Buff and Bare hot wax is mainly used for sensitive areas like bikini, underarms and facial area, as the hair in those areas are much stronger. Hot wax is applied thicker and it is higher in temperature. It sits on the skin, cools down and solidifies to be pulled off without a strip. Due to higher temperature it helps to relax hair follicles and sedate nerve endings thus making it more comfortable experience.

Strip wax is applied in a very thin layer on the skin, a strip is then placed over the wax and it’s pulled off removing the hair.Strip wax is best for larger areas like legs and arms, where the hair is superficial and not so strong. It is quick and cost effective.

The hair should be the length of a rice grain, about 3mm long. However, Lycon hot wax is known to take the hair as short as 1mm out! Leave 3-4 weeks after your last wax or 2-3 weeks if you are a shaver. If you are not a big fan of measuring your body hair and it looks a little long, leave it to us, we will trim the hair if needed! Better long than too short
It depends what area you are getting waxed and what wax is being used. Hot wax normally takes longer than strip wax. We only offer hot wax for intimate and sensitive areas. A Brazilian or Hollywood could take 15-45mins. We allocate enough time to take it at your own pace and make it as comfortable as possible.
Brazilian is when all the hair from your bikini areas (including inner labia, outer labia, centre of the bum) leaving a small amount of hair, shaped to your preference, on the pubic mound. Only hot wax is used for this treatment. Strip wax is used on the bum and leg area to tidy up
A female intimate wax using hot wax. A Hollywood is when all hair is removed from your bikini area including inner and outer labia, pubic mound, and centre of the bum.
A full intimate men’s wax. All hair is removed from penis , scrotum and the centre of the bum with hot wax. The hair on the pubic mound is removed/shaped and/or trimmed. Strip wax is used to remove hair from the buttocks
Yes, you do, but don’t you worry, your jewels are in safe hands. We specialise in male and female intimate waxing, therefore we have seen it all over the years! We are very precise when it comes to waxing and make sure that all the hair is gone! All we see is skin and hair, regardless of the body part.

After your wax, the hair follicles are still open and the skin is tender and sensitive.

  • No tanning for the next 24hrs
  • Avoid tight clothing – wearing tight clothing will lead to irritated skin. Sweating after your waxing treatment will increase a chance of infection
  • No hot baths, steam or swimming – the hair follicles are open so going to the swimming pool will only invite everything and anything into the hair follicles to be absorbed. Any more heat on the waxed area will irritate the skin and possibly burn
  • No gym – sweating will only increase a chance of infection
  • No sex – friction will irritate the skin and may cause infection
  • No sunbathing or sun beds

Absolutely! We have a lot of pregnant ladies waxing wright up to the due date. In fact, a lot of them say it is very handy to have no hair down there for the birth. Even if you are not showing yet, make sure you tell your therapist at the consultation stage that you are expecting. You might be more sensitive than normal, therefore we make sure that we perform the treatment at your pace.

*We are not able to treat in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy
Absolutely! You might be more sensitive when you are on your period. You can just wear a tampon and we proceed with the treatment as any other day. Use a clean tampon and let you therapist know should you need a wipe to freshen up
Please don’t worry! We have seen it all over the years! You will be made to feel comfortable as we have ‘taking it at your pace’’ attitude. We respect that we are all different shapes, sizes and colours and we offer these treatments to make you feel more confident in your own skin.
Usually, you are welcome to bring a friend, however we would ask them to wait in the reception area. However, due to COVID19 restrictions, we are asking you to arrive to your appointment alone
For best results and the most hair free time we recommend that you have you schedule your waxing appointments every 4-6 weeks
When you arrive, your therapist will go through your consultation form that you would have filled in before arrival. Once you are on the waxing couch the area to bee waxed will be cleansed, a small amount of oil will be applied on the skin to create a barrier between the skin and the wax. Once the hair have been removed, aftercare products will be are applied to enhance the homecare
To get the best waxing treatment, we recommend exfoliating at least three times a week and always on the day of your waxing appointment. Dead skin build-up will not allow the hair to pop through the top layer of the skin. Exfoliating away dead skin will allow the hair to be at the surface level and easier for the wax to grab on to. Do not exfoliate to point where your skin is sore. You could try A Bit of Rough Exfoliating cloth or one of the amazing sugar scrubs!
We won’t lie that hair removal is a pleasant treatment, but we do our best to make it as comfortable as possible, by using the latest waxing techniques and the best products on the market. The treatment times are allocated to take it at your pace. Once the treatment is over, you might feel slight sensitivity on the skin.
We advice to book your waxing appointment at least 48hrs before traveling, as we want the skin to have enough time to settle. Most of the time folliculitis (an infection of the hair follicle) occurs if there friction or swatting after your waxing appointment.
Sometimes bruising can occur if you have sensitive skin, but it doesn’t happen very often.
Absolutely! We are a unisex salon and welcome male and female clients.
At Buff and Bare, the minimum age for waxing is 16. A 16 year old will have to have a parent in the room whiles the treatment is in progress. 18 years old is when you do not require parental/guardian attendance.
You will receive a consultation form that we ask you to fill in, where you can make us aware of what medication you are taking. We will then assess and let you know if you can or cannot be waxed
If you are prone to ingrown hairs and want to prevent them, do not wait until they become an issue to address them. We advise that you exfoliate at least 3 times a week (depending on your exfoliant, follow manufactures instructions) and moisturise daily to keep your skin nice and supple for the new hair to push through the skin. We recommend Lycon Ingrown Xit that will help prevent ingrown hair by gently exfoliating the skin